The RelaxWell™ POD incorporates twenty(20) powerful wellness technology features that automatically deliver twenty-two (22) pre-set programs. These features include a vortex-fusion of convection, dry heated air adjustable up to 190°F combined with radiant infrared heating, dual vibratory whole body, back and leg massage, soothing back heat system, comfortable ergonomic bed and head cushions, natural essential aroma diffusion and pure Himalayan salt air throughout the Pod, along with integrated music speakers, and cooling facial air fans to keep the client’s face and neck cool for maximized long session times. The self-automated features are ready for use with an optional stand-alone enriched oxygen condenser to freshen the face air. Humidity (with essential oils and/or salt air) can also be added for enhanced wellness optimization.


Dual Emission Dry Heat Convection

Cooling Face Air System

Himalayan Salt Tile

Ambient Multicolor Chromolight System

8" LCD Touch Screen Panel

Heated Vibration massage

Ergonomic Cushioned Contour Bed

4 Automatic Aromatherapy System

Optimized Wellness for Body & Mind

The world’s first personal, dry heat infrared sauna body pod, ideal for wellness services, weight management & weight loss program goals.

Control Screen

8" LCD Panel-touch button (DVD compatible)

Ergonomic Cushioned Contour Bed

The cushioned vibratory massage bed is ideal for muscle relaxation and power napping

Cooling Face Air System

The SlimWell innovative design keeps the head cool outside the heated chamber during the session while flowing, refreshing Himalayan salt-air purifies the air and face fans cools the head and facial areas

Wellness & Relaxation

The RelaxWell™ POD Multi-Sensory is a Thermal Chromolight Wellness System

RelaxWell™ POD sessions help to create the perfect relaxation experience for optimum wellness, rejuvenating meditation and refreshing mindfulness.

Height Closed - Height Opened

39"/99 cm - 89"/226 cm


89"/226 cm


265 lbs/120 kg

Voltage & Amperage

220V/15 Amp 50/60 Hz


Wellness technologies

In a Personal Infrared Sauna Pod for Weight Management, Power Nap, Sleep & Rejuvenating Relaxation and more For Everyone


Pre-set Programs

That include a vortex-fusion of convection, dry heated air adjustable up to 190°F combined with radiant infrared heating, and much more

The most advanced fitness sauna pod in the world!

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  • Over 40,000 pods sold worldwide
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

"Take everything that’s good about a sauna and the Cocoon does it better. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced!"

Pat B.

Patient at One Agora Integrative Health