SaunaWellness™ PRO 10

Unlock the power of at-home relaxation with the SaunaWellness™ PRO 10! Our chromolight sauna offers a uniquely immersive experience. With the perfect temperature and humidity, quickly and easily relax both mind and body. Get ready to feel totally relaxed, restored and rejuvenated!


Carbon Fiber Infrared Heater

1-4 Person Capacity Thermal Energy Fitness Gym

Pure Himalayan Salt Tiles

Ambient Mood & Reading Lights

17 Natural Energies

Jade, Bian, Rose Quartz, & Tourmaline Gemstones

Digital LED Control Panel with Speakers

Full Spectrum Heaters

10 Chromolight Full-Spectrum Lights

Optimized recovery. Increased relaxation. Simple weight management.

Premium Multi-Energy Infrared
Luxury Sauna.

Gemstones Infrared Emitters

Jade, Bian, Rose Quartz, and Tourmaline gemstones are placed inside the far-infared sauna wood panels as natural mid-infared emitters.

Full Spectrum Heater

8 Chromolight colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange and Full Spectrum White)

Premium Canadian Red Cedar

Eco-friendly, aromatic red cedar with pleasing aromas and a high wood density factor for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The Fastest Heating Infrared Saunas

The Most Premium Multi-Energy Infrared Luxury Sauna

Enjoy the wellness benefits of healthy lifestyle activity with passive infrared heat sessions.








1100 lbs / 499 kg

Voltage & Amperage

2 dedicated 220 V / 15 Amp


Jade, Bian, Rose Quartz, & Tourmaline Gemstones Gemstones IR Emitters


Radiant Far-Infrared Carbon Heaters

The most advanced infrared thermal workout sauna rooms in the world!

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