…enjoy healthy activities, live in the moment and be well.

Established in 1989, Wellness USA is recognized as a pioneer in Wellness, Natural Health and Fitness. Wellness USA is renown as the inventor and patent-holder of multi-energy Wellness PODS, the world’s first Chromolight-LED Infrared Gym & 12-Energy Infrared Saunas. We created the Hyperthermic-Conditioning Method that features both active and passive whole body hyperthermic sessions using advanced Wellness PODS, Infrared Gyms, and Multi-Energy Saunas. Our hyperthermic systems enhance and optimize wellness, accelerate workouts for more results in less time, promote weight management & weight loss goals, increase endurance and reduce stress in a health-rewarding environment of relaxing comfort. The mission of Wellness USA is to develop cutting-edge wellness technologies that improve the health, wellness & quality of everyone’s life.

Our brand empowers everyone to enjoy healthy activities, live in the moment and be well.


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