CocoonAqua Infrared™

Relax and rejuvenate with CocoonAqua Infrared™, the ultimate fitness and wellness pod! This innovative POD combines the benefits of a sauna with soothing infrared heat, massage, and chromotherapy to provide the ultimate stress relief. Experience optimal relaxation and recover faster from workouts. Enhance your session with OxygenScience vitamin-infused steam concentrates. Recharge your body and soul!


Radiant Heat System

Dual Emission Vitamin Infuse Steam

Stereo Waterproof Speaker

Colorful Spectrum Lights

5.6" LCD Panel With Touch Button

Vibratory Massage Bed

Soft, Comfortable Bed & Head Pillow

Liquid Vitamin Solutions Infusion System

The World’s First All-Liquid Whole Body IR Hydration Wellness Capsule

Discover the Wellness Power of Liquid-Vitamin IR-Steam Infusion

Steam Diffusion

Broad flow steam diffusion is delivered for full body coverage.

Vibratory Massage Bed

Unwind as vibration massage soothes and relaxes.

Adjustable Cool Facial Air

Meet the comfort needs of your clients and cool their face and head while their whole body is deeply heated and infused with hydration.

Luxurious Whole Body Hydration System

Infrared & Steam Liquid Vitamin Infusion

CocoonAqua Infrared™ promotes total body wellness through a myriad of self-automated whole body hydration, preset programs for ultimate relaxation, fitness and glowing wellness.


40" / 101 cm


90" / 228 cm


35" / 88 cm


265 lbs / 120 kg

Voltage & Amperage

220-240 V / 15 Amp

4 in 1

Pre-set Programs

Simply touch the colorful screen and choose: Hydrate, Cleanse, Bright n Luminous or Weight Management.

Hydrate, Cleanse, Brighten & Weight Management

Advanced Hydration Infrared Steam Fitness & Wellness

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  • Over 40,000 pods sold worldwide
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

"After a Cocoon Aqua IR Hydration Pro herbal cleansing & energy IR steam session, the skin all over my boy is glowing, feels super fresh & ultra clean."

ADM, Skin Brite Aesthetican,
Los Angeles, CA