RedFit Recovvry™ PEMF Energy Belt

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Unlock peak fitness with the  RedFit Recovvry™ Infrared Energy Belt. This #1 selling PEMF energy belt combines the power of PEMF, precious gemstones, intense LEDs, and sauna benefits to elevate your recovery, increase workout effectiveness, and enhance your sleep and relaxation. Featuring 12 semi-precious infrared gemstones and adjustable temperature control, this patented technology provides a tailored experience for your stomach, back, legs, arms, feet, and shoulders. Available in stylish pink and black, the belt also includes a lightweight zippered tote bag for easy transport.

Color: Black


12 Precious Infrared Gemstones

8 Intense LEDs

Adjustable Temperature Control

Triple Infrared Wavelengths - Far, Mid, Near

RedFit Recovvry™ PEMF Energy Belt

Light Up Your Life—with Energized Light & Optimized Wellness!


9.5"/24 cm


48" / 122 cm


8lbs/ 4kg


110V or 220 V / 600 Watts

Mat Material

Soft-touch Marine Vinyl


 Precious Gemstones


Intense Redlight LEDs

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