RedFit Recovvry™ Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Discover the ultimate in wellness with the RedFit Recovvry™ Infrared Sauna Blanket, a revolutionary product designed for weight management and enhanced recovery. Featuring 35 precious gemstones and six intense LEDs, this advanced infrared sauna blanket combines bio-hacking and bio-stacking technology to deliver exceptional results. Available in both standard and extra-large sizes, and in two stylish colors—pink and black—our blanket offers adjustable temperature control and triple infrared wavelengths (FAR/NEAR/MID) for a customized experience. Enjoy the benefits of cleansing, relaxation, and recovery with our soft-touch marine vinyl blanket, complete with zippered hand ports for convenience and a lightweight tote bag for easy transport.

Size: Regular Size
Color: Black


35 Precious Infrared Gemstones

6 Intense LEDs

Adjustable Temperature Control

Triple Infrared Wavelengths - Far, Mid, Near

Zippered Hand Ports for Cell Phone Viewing

Zippered Closure Blanket

RedFit Recovvry™ Infrared Blanket

World’s Largest & Compact Chromolight & Infrared Blanket

Light Up Your Life—with Energized Light & Optimized Wellness!






22 lbs/ 9.6 kg


110V or 220 V / 600 Watts

Mat Material

Soft-touch Marine Vinyl


 Precious Gemstones


Intense LEDs

World’s Largest & Compact Chromolight & Infrared Blanket

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