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We are a WELLNESS lifestyle company featuring research-based holistic technologies. Enriching your life and improving your health and fitness and is our passion.

Our brand empowers everyone to enjoy healthy activities, live in the moment and be well.


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Avoid Reduced Revenues During Slow Season

Let’s face it—tanning is a seasonal business. Adding the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod to your service offerings makes it possible for your businesses to be profitable year-round! It’s always the season for Cocoon Sauna Pod services!

Adding the Cocoon Wellness Pro Sauna Pod to your business creates excitement and brings in brand new customers! Offering the Cocoon shows that you strive to provide your customers with the highest value.

Market Differentiator

Competition for a limited supply of clients has always been a challenge for tanning salons.  An easy way to separate yourself from the competition is to add the Cocoon Wellness pod. Clients will instantly know you are on the cutting edge of the wellness industry by adding the wide variety of Cocoon services to your service menu.

Increase Revenues without Increased Overhead

The Cocoon Wellness Pro sauna pod will encourage your clients to return again and again for year-round pampering and wellness. Because the Cocoon allows you to offer your clients self-automated services, your business will not experience increased labor costs. Cocoon Sauna Pod services require minimal time expenditure by your staff. The entire service—other than minimal set-up and clean-up– is done by the Cocoon pod itself!

Sessions and packages on the Cocoon Sauna Pod can be sold independently or bundled together with other services. Adding Cocoon sessions to current packages make it an effective ‘sales tool’ to help sell more of everything you offer. For example, products become fast sellers when you combine a few ‘free’ sessions on the Cocoon Sauna Pod with each purchase.

Dampen Revenue Reductions Resulting from Recent Regulations

Regulations relating to the 10% “tanning tax” and proposed regulations that would bar anyone under the age of 18 from using tanning beds have had a significant impact on the economics of the tanning industry during the past decade. One trade group estimated that over 10,000 tanning salons closed in the U.S. since 2010. One way for a salon to counter the lost revenue resulting from the challenging regulatory environment is to add the Cocoon Wellness pod. Adding the wide array of spa services available with the Cocoon pod will instantly increase your ability to sell more spa packages and encourage your clients to return again and again for year-round pampering and wellness.

Fitness Centers around the US aren’t just “basic gyms” anymore. Most successful fitness centers find that their wellness is just as important as being physically fit. Full spas and spa services are being added to major chains to help provide these in-demand services. Adding the Cocoon Wellness Pod is an easy way to incorporate or expand spa services inside a fitness center. It provides health and wellness benefits, and it can also help customers achieve higher fitness and weight loss goals.

Premium Memberships

Recently, spa services have become common within the larger fitness clubs. “Premium memberships” are now upgrades from standard memberships to include these services. Fitness Centers have found that the Cocoon Wellness Pod is an easy option to add or expand their spa services. It is an excellent way for a club to instantly stand apart from the competition. Fitness Centers that add the Cocoon Wellness Pod significantly increase sales of premium memberships.

Member Recruitment & Retention

Member recruitment and retention are crucial for the survival of a fitness club. The Cocoon Wellness Pod has a dramatic impact on the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members. The Cocoon Pod is rapidly becoming a popular attraction at many of the premier fitness chains in the world. Successful clubs understand the importance of providing wellness benefits to their members beyond the traditional health club offerings.

FitBed for Optimal Fitness Results

Each dry sauna Cocoon Pod includes a patented built-in exercise system featuring dynamic resistance bands of two different resistance levels. Users can perform high-intensity interval exercises while enjoying their Cocoon session for hyperthermic fitness and heat acclimation benefits.

Spa Services: The New Dimension of Fitness

Many fitness clubs and chains have added spa services such as massage, tanning, face, and body treatments to some degree. This helps them stand out from the competition and increase revenues. And, the Cocoon Wellness pod is easy to add to any fitness center. It requires minimal space and only requires an electrical outlet to operate.

Whether your club has already started adding spa services or is looking to expand what they offer, the Cocoon Wellness Pod will be a welcome addition to your center’s offerings.

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The popularity of salons and spas have made it hard for the average business to stand apart from the competition. Adding the Cocoon Wellness pod is a unique way to put your business ahead of the market. Businesses find that the Cocoon helps boost revenues and enhance many of the spa services already being provided.

Enhance Spa Services and Packages

Adding the wide array of spa services available with the Cocoon sauna pod will instantly increase your ability to sell more spa packages. The infrared sauna benefits will also encourage your guests and clients to return again and again.

Pod services can be added as a stand-alone service or be included in your spa packages and individual services. Some of the ways the sauna pod can be incorporated into your salon or spa are:

  • Before or After Massage Services
  • Extra Relaxation During a Facial
  • Soothing Tension Relief
  • Full Body Skin Services
  • Relaxation Services
  • And much more!

Minimal Space and Low Costs

The Cocoon Wellness pod does not require a large amount of space. Its sleek design fits easily into most salons and spas. As an added benefit, it does not require any extra installation or plumbing. A simple electrical outlet is all you need to start using the infrared sauna pod in your business today!

The sauna pod has extremely low operating costs and is easy to clean. Furthermore, it does not require additional staff to operate. Its attendant-free operation makes the pod an easy return on your investment.

The Cocoon Wellness pod is a great addition to integrating Holistic Health approach into the lives of people. With its many wellness benefits, the sauna pod helps clients begin their path to recovery and health.

Wellness Benefits

The main approach to a holistic health center is healing and overall wellness. The Cocoon Wellness pod has the same philosophy. With it’s infrared and dry heat benefits, the Cocoon pod is an easy addition to health centers. The idea behind the sauna pod is to use non-traditional methods to help the body relax and heal. Using the sauna pod, along with other holistic approaches will benefit customers and have them coming back for more sessions.

Ease of Use

One of the many benefits of the Cocoon Wellness pod is the ease of use. Since the pod does all the work, no additional staff are needed to operate the sauna pod. It requires no additional installation or plumbing, so set-up is simple. It’s as easy as pushing a button and letting the pod do the rest. All your customers need to do is relax.

Profitable Investment

The Cocoon Wellness pod is a worthwhile investment and is a unique wellness device that will set your business apart from others. The wellness industry is growing and more and more holistic health centers are opening up. Now, more than ever is the time to set your business apart from the crowd. The Cocoon Wellness pod is your answer to be ahead of the demand.

More Productive Employees

Companies are incorporating more fitness and wellness programs into their offices than ever before. They know that healthy employees equal a healthy business. Corporate employees find that the pod is easy to use and a great way to start or end their day.

The Cocoon Wellness Pod promotes wellness programs that help corporations become a more successful workplace.  Poor health doesn’t just cause higher medical costs – it reduces productivity and impacts the bottom line. Help employees make healthy lifestyle changes to enhance their fitness and overall well-being.

Reduce Costs For Your Company

Research indicates that 50% of our health status is determined by lifestyle choices. Employers investing in employee wellness show a return of $3 for every dollar invested in wellness. Wellness programs have resulted in overwhelming corporate health improvements:

  • Health claim costs reduced by 28%
  • Physician visits reduced by 17%
  • Hospital admissions reduced by 63%
  • Disability costs reduced by 34%
  • Incidence of injury reduced by 25%

Power Nap Feature

Cocoon sauna pods also feature a “Power Nap” feature to help re-energize employees during a long day’s work. Studies show that 15-minute “power naps” are restorative and boost energy and productivity levels.

The cushioned ergonomic bed, soothing massage, fresh salt air breeze, and relaxing aroma instantly unwind and recharges even the most tired person. In a few minutes, the Cocoon helps restore mental acuity and pleasing mindfulness in a restful and calming private wellness pod.

Low Overhead Costs and Maintenance

The Cocoon Wellness pod is inexpensive to run and maintain. As an added benefit for the workplace, it requires no additional staff. It’s user-friendly interface and design make it easy for anyone to use and care for. Experience the infrared sauna benefits in your workplace today!

Hotels who purchase the Cocoon Wellness pod will find that it allows them to promote spa services with every stay. The Cocoon can help hotels increase occupancy in addition to increasing guest loyalty and the guest experience.

Enhance Your Stay

Customers who visit hotels have an enhanced infrared sauna experience with the sauna pod. It is versatile and delivers instant relaxation and escape. Perfect for the stressful demands of everyday life and travel.

Most importantly, sauna pods are an easy addition to hotels. They require minimal space and no extra installation or plumbing. Just a simple electrical outlet is all you need to start enjoying infrared sauna benefits. The sauna pods can easily be installed in a pool area, a spa or fitness room, or a traditional hotel room. You decide what works best for your business.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

The Cocoon sauna pod is a self-automated device. That means that it does not require additional staff to operate. The entire service is performed by the Cocoon pod itself! And because the overhead cost to run the sauna pod is so low, your business will be returning profits on the machine faster than other spa and wellness devices. For added benefit, the Cocoon pod requires minimal set-up and maintenance cleaning!

Enhances Guest Loyalty Programs and Upgrades

Making the Cocoon Wellness pod available to your guests will increase your ability to sell upgraded room packages. They can easily fit into a traditional hotel room or additional spa room. They are also a great incentive for your guests and clients to enroll in your loyalty programs. Or, offer them as a stand-alone add-on to weary travels who need to relax.

Market Differentiator

Wellness services are becoming more popular in the US. To meet this demand, hotels have been implementing spa services into their business plans. The competition is increasingly fierce. One quick and easy way to separate yourself from the competition is to add the Cocoon Wellness pod to your hotel. Clients will instantly know you are on the cutting edge of the industry by adding the wide variety of hot massage services to your wellness services.


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Engulf your body in premium 3-tiered infrared light, with all of our award-winning designs created specifically to maximize comfort with maximum results.
Increases weight loss goals and healthy eating with our pods and saunas. A revolutionary healthy lifestye fitness sytem!
Improve your concentration, multitasking, and decision making and start your healthy lifestyle with our saunas and pods. 
Maximize your recovery after a workout session, or incorporate at your gym for a HOT premium member perk.
Guaranteed lowest prices on any Cocoon Pod or Wellness Sauna!
Inga Brown
Classic Tan
General Manager

The addition of the Cocoon has increased our business markedly, and it has has allowed for added value to all our clients. Additionally, the inclusion of the Infrared Wellness Cocoon has created an all new avenue of growth, longevity, and prosperity. Regular sessions in the Cocoon are highly recommended, used, and loved by clients and staff alike.

Megan Reese
Hot Spot Tanning
General Manager

Since incorporating our cocoon wellness pod into our salons in April, we have seen continuous growth with this service. It was a great addition to our mix of equipment and our clients love their results! Now that the cooler months are upon us we anticipate even greater successes.

Aruba Sun & Spa
General Manager

The Cocoon Wellness Pro helped us sign up more members in both locations and it helped us keep loyal customers because of our expanded choice of services. We offer an unlimited use package for as low as $49/month with a 6-month contract and see members come several times a week to enjoy a 20 minute session.

Gari Jo
Body Concepts

My two Cocoons run simultaneously several hours every day bringing me traffic and repeated customers- that’s why I love the Cocoon Wellness Pro and I couldn’t be happier to have bought two!

Bridget and Bob Sandquist
CryoSpa Mind & Wellness

We opened to members right away and we’ve had many who have used it 3 times a week. So far everyone loves it. As business owners of the Cocoon, we are very happy with the results and can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring in revenues.

Energy Spa, Salon & Tanning

We love the Cocoon Wellness Pro around here. Our customers love how relaxing it is and they always sign up for more sessions. The Cocoon definitely helps bring customers back!

Jason Loving
Glo Sun Spa

We try to provide cutting edge technologies and the Cocoon is definitely a “wow factor” to people who would not otherwise sign up for our spa packages.

Taira Benner
J Bentley Studio

I bought the Cocoon because offering massage is tricky- we depend on the massage therapists and there is a big turnover. I needed something sturdy and reliable to offer in my spa packages. Our customers and employees rave about the relaxing feeling and are amazed by the relief they get from aches and pains.

One Agora Integrative Health

Take everything that’s good about a sauna and the Cocoon Wellness Pro does it better . . . It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced!

Liz Melahn
Tan Your Hide

All of our customers love the Cocoon! Tanners or not, younger or older, we see all kind of customers from 20 to 75 years old using the Cocoon.

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