HydraOcean Infrared™

HydraOcean Infrared™ is a state-of-the-art multi-sensory system for hydration, body treatments, hydro-bath and hydro-jet shower services. HydraOcean Infrared™ is the first capsule in the HydraSpa Pod family of hydration spas to combine Hydrofusion, infrared heat and steam, with a Vichy Shower System inside a powerful air-jet massage hydrotherapy bath. HydraOcean Infrared™ calls upon the natural powers of water, steam, heat, bath and massage for unlimited restorative, body fitness, wellness hydration and customized spa services. HydraOcean Infrared™ future-forward shower, hydro-jet and hydro-bath services create a significant advantage and point of difference for your business and clients in a continuously growing and competitive market as well as a reward for your consumers' loyalty with its sensational hydration spa body services.


360° Vichy 10 Shower Jets

Underwater Chromolights

Dual Emission Steam Jets

Foot Massager Jets

Vibratory Massage Bed

Deluxe Color LCD Display

Ergonomic Contour Bed

Vitamin/Mineral System

Become One with Water

HydraOcean Infrared™ aims to restore total body wellness through a myriad of services tried and tested over the ages.

Vitamin/Mineral Diffusion System

Dispenses nutrients such as vitamins and minerals into the mist stream allowing skin to transdermally drink up the nourishment of vitamins and

Vichy Shower System

State-of-the-art dual Vichy shower body spray system features 10 above the body showers with adjustable spray direction for a relaxing total-body massage.

Colorful under water Chromolights

State-of-the-art digital lighting technology chromolights light stations to generate a variety of rich and atmospheric colored lights.

Whole Body Hydration - Fitness & Wellness

HydraOcean Infrared™ combines the breakthrough concept of HYDROFUSION™, the blending of 2-heat technologies - steam and far infrared heat with true hydro-massage therapy, via Vichy shower and underbody water jet massage, creating an unparalleled spa experience in a personal hydro-therapy tub.


40" / 101 cm


90" / 228 cm


35" / 88 cm


265 lbs / 120 kg

Voltage & Amperage

220-240 V / 15 Amp

10 + 1

Pre-set Programs

For body treatments and hydrotherapy services (+1 Custom)


10 Vichy Shower Jets

Hydrotherapy system inside a powerful air-jet massage hydrotherapy bath.

Hydrate & Rejuve fror the Life of Your Skin

The most advanced fitness sauna pod in the world!

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  • Over 40,000 pods sold worldwide
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

"Take everything that’s good about a sauna and the Cocoon does it better. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced!"

Pat B.

Patient at One Agora Integrative Health