JADE Fuzion™ Wellness Mat

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Improve wellness, promote weight management, reduce stress, accelerate recovery and improve physical fitness with the Jade Fuzion Fitness and Wellness Mat. Features heated stone and infrared technology with 96 precious JADE gemstones and 12 vibration massage motors. Use the handheld controller to adjust time and temperature up to 168°F. Can be placed on any flat surface or furniture for ultimate comfort and relaxation.



Carbon Radiant Far Infrared

96 Precious JADE Gemstones (Large 2”) with Infrared Properties

Precise Selection Hand-Held Controller: Time & Temperature

Ergonomically Comfortable Cushioned Mat

JADE Fuzion™ Wellness Mat

Heated Stone & Infrared - Vibration Massage Wellness Mat

Enhance Weight Management, Relaxation & Sleep Management


27.5” / 70cm


67” / 170cm


18 lbs. / 8.24 kg.


CARBON Radiant Far Infrared - Soft & Deep Whole Body Heating System


110V, 60Hz or 220V, 50 Hz


Precious Gemstone

With Infrared properties


Vibration Massage Motors

Heated Stone & Infrared - Vibration Massage Wellness Mat

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