AlphaFuzion Infrared™

The AlphaFuzion Infrared™ POD provides a wide range of profitable body services for your clients. This ultimate body pod spa system is a self-contained, dual heating, dry heat sauna and radiant far infrared whole body pod, ideal for relaxing spa body wraps, muds, gels, weight management, wellness, relaxation, fitness, or enhanced sleep body services. The addition of a sauna elevates the experience, allowing clients to cleanse and rejuvenate simultaneously. In addition to the body services, facial services can be performed at the same time, significantly increasing the results and benefits per client. The overall experience is dramatic and provides an amazing catalyst for new business and enhanced wellness.


Dual Emission Dry Heat Convection

Illuminated Himalayan Salt Tile

Temperature Customization

Radiant Infrared Heat System

8 Chromolights Modules

Heated Vibration Massage Bed

Automatic 4-Aromatherapy System

Cushioned Ergonomic Bed

8" LCD Panel Touch Screen

FitBed H.I.I.T. Exercise Band System

Dynamic Wellness & Fitness Recovery Programs

The AlphaFuzion Infrared™ provides a wide range of enhanced wellness and fitness recovery program body services for your clients. This ultimate self-contained heat system is a dual heat systems, radiant infrared and convection dry heat sauna, ideal for active and passive hyperthermic whole body conditioning sessions, body wraps, muds, gels, or other body services.

Control Screen

Rejuvapod is self-automated and features a colorful, easy-touch 8-inch LCD touch-screen control system with state-of-the-art electronics.

Ambient Multicolor Chromolight System

Rejuvapod ™ has colorful chromolight module stations strategically placed throughout the body chamber & facial area as well as in the Himalayan salt tile system, exterior handles and designer pedestal of the Rejuvapod.

Cushioned Ergonomic Bed

Dual vibration transducers located under the cushioned ergonomic bed can be controlled and adjusted to achieve soothing and invigorating back and leg massage or customized massage vibration.


Enhancent Fitness, Soothing Relaxation & Wellness for Everyone

The overall experience is dramatic and provides an amazing catalyst for new business and enhanced wellness.


89" / 226 cm


89" / 226 cm


39" / 99 cm


265 lbs / 120 kg


220V 50/60hz


Powerful Wellness technologies

That include radiant infrared heat combined with convection and conduction dry sauna heat adjustable up to 190 degrees


Pre-Set Wellness Programs

Designed to incorporate  and synchronize each specific wellness technology into a unique, creative menu of fitness and wellness services

Weight Management

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  • Over 40,000 pods sold worldwide
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

"Take everything that’s good about a sauna and the Cocoon does it better. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced!"

Pat B.

Patient at One Agora Integrative Health