HydraJet Infrared™

HydraJet Infrared™ is a state-of-the-art infrared pod with steam and 20 Vichy Shower Jets for body treatments and hydrotherapy services. HydraJet Infrared™ combines Hydrofusion, infrared heat and steam, a Vichy Shower System and vibration massage. HydraJet Infrared™ calls upon the natural powers of water, steam, heat and massage for active fitness, hydrating wellness and customized spa services.


360° Vichy 20 Shower Jets

Radiant Infrared

Stereo Waterproof Speaker

Ambient Chromotherapy

Deluxe Color LCD Display

Vibratory Massage Bed

Ergonomic Contour Bed

Vitamin/Mineral System

360° Shower Jets, Whole-Body Steam & Infrared POD

Featuring Hyperthermic Conditioning With a Powerful Air-Jet Massage and Hydrofusion Technologies.

Control Screen

5.6" LCD Panel-touch button (DVD compatible)

Vibration Massage + Aromatherapy

Engage all of the body's systems to work in unison toward the goal of systemic harmony.

Vichy Shower System

The Vichy Shower is integrated into the capsule has 20 jet spray nozzles that surround the body above and below for a 360° hydration, and a thermoregulatory system.

Whole Body Hydration - Fitness & Wellness

HydraJet Infrared™ promotes total body wellness through a myriad of self-automated whole body hydration, preset programs for ultimate relaxation, fitness and glowing wellness.


40" / 101 cm


90" / 228 cm


35" / 88 cm


265 lbs / 120 kg

Voltage & Amperage

220-240 V / 15 Amp


Vichy Shower Jets

For body treatments and hydrotherapy services


Pulsing Shower Jets

Over and under stimulating the body with infused steam, vibration massage, mist and hydro massage

The most advanced fitness sauna pod in the world!

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  • Over 40,000 pods sold worldwide
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

"Take everything that’s good about a sauna and the Cocoon does it better. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced!"

Pat B.

Patient at One Agora Integrative Health