Cocoon Fitness POD Deluxe™

The Ultimate Fitness, Relaxation & Wellness Machine"

Experience a 20 minute refreshing power naps to relax and enhance mental acuity, alertness and improve energy. This relaxing sauna experience provides a soothing vibration massage with the ideal ambient temperature and personal environment to promote relaxation and relief from the stress of the modern day grind.

Style: Regular Pod - 2 Ambient Chromolights
Power: 110 V / 15 Amp


Dynamic Dual Dry Heat

Radiant Infrared Heat System

Himalayan Salt Tile

Ambient Multicolor Chromolight System

Control Screen

Soothing Vibration Massage Bed

Ergonomic Contour Bed

FitBed H.I.I.T. Exercise Band System

A Workout-Free System that Promotes a Healthy Wellness Lifestyle.

Ultimate Relaxation, Active Fitness & Premium Wellness For Body & Mind.

Control Screen

The Cocoon Fitness POD™ also features a (color) touch screen display and state-of-the-art software.

Ambient Multicolor Chromolight System

The Cocoon Wellness Fitness Deluxe POD™ includes an ambient chromo light illumination body chamber system.

Ergonomic Contour Bed

The vibration massage bed is ergonomically contoured and padded with foam cushioning to provide the most comfortable and ergonomic user experience.

The Cocoon Fitness POD™ System can be used to improve fitness by most persons of any fitness level.

Immerse yourself in a world of wellness with the Cocoon Fitness POD™ & Cocoon POD Deluxe™ system. This cutting-edge technology brings the spa experience right to your doorstep, offering a unique blend of relaxation and fitness.

Height Closed - Height Open

39"/99 cm - 82"/210 cm


89"/226 cm

Widest Point - Narrow Point

35"/89 cm - 22"/56 cm


260 lbs/118 kg

Voltage & Amperage

110V/20 Amp
or 220V/15 Amp 50/60 Hz


Wellness technologies

With new built-in fitness advancements; its classic ergonomic design is famous in the booming wellness industry.


Minutes of a refreshing power nap

To relax and enhance mental acuity, alertness and improve energy.


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