Sauna Wellness Pro 10 – 4 person


The fastest heating IR Sauna. Canadian Red Cedar, Superb quality. Premium luxury Radiant Infrared Sauna
• 4 Person
• 220v / 20A / 3300W

• 70 x 47 x 780 in.



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10 Red Chromo Light Stations

These light stations produce mid-infrared. Mid-infrared is a slightly longer wavelength than near-infrared. It works with soft tissue, assists with increased circulation, and reduced inflammation.

6 Himalayan Salt Blocks

Salt Blocks within a Sauna offer the same healing benefits as a salt cave: skin improvements, health and mood improvements, and inhaling particles may improve respiratory illnesses.

5 Carbon Heaters

Far Infrared Carbon heaters are non-invasive infrared heaters. Increasing evidence suggests that far-infrared (FIR) rays, are a vital type of physiotherapy, and can improve the health of patients with cardiovascular disease.

1 Ceramic Heater

Placed at the base of the sauna to remove cold spots, improve the speed of heating, and add overall greater comfort.

2 Full Spectrum Heaters

Full Spectrum heaters offer all 3 levels of infrared: Near, Mid and Far offering the highest level of healing capabilities.

Tourmaline Gemstones

40 Tourmaline Gemstones add to the healing properties within the sauna helping the infrared produce deeper penetration.

Jade Gemstones

80 Jade Gemstones help cleanse and purify the air and the individual.

Red Canadian Cedar

Canadian Western Red Cedar is much slower grown than British Western Red Cedar resulting in a denser, darker wood with a more varied colour palette.

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