POWER NAPS: Relax, Refresh & Recharge Your Body & Mind

POWER NAPS: Relax, Refresh & Recharge Your Body & Mind

New research indicates that a 15-20-minute power nap provides feel-good refreshment and helps restore mental alertness, energy and acuity.

Recent sleep studies have fueled the new consumer demand and growing popularity for “power napping” services – power naps have broken through the “tipping point” in the USA!

Cocoon-like “nap pods” are now being offered in airports, at companies such as Google and Apple, at high-end spas, Silicon Valley headquarters, and premier locations including world-leader offices. Power naps are becoming big business and a great new wellness service for spas, tanning centers, fitness clubs and wellness businesses.

Relax, Refresh and Restore

During our busy days, a power nap pod helps us relax, unwind and recharge in just 15-20 minutes. Power naps help almost everyone quickly relieve stress, re-energize and restore refreshing peace and serenity in a comfortable setting.

Sleep scientists say that power naps help restore vitality, allowing us to be more alert, increase productivity and better cope with modern, high-tech lifestyles. Studies show that short power naps contribute to smarter decision making, sharper brain activity, and a stronger immune system.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lack of sleep is now a modern “public health epidemic.”

  • 35 percent of adults currently get less than seven hours of sleep each day.
  • 40 percent of adults unintentionally nod off during the day.
  • Well-rested employees are safer, more productive and healthier.

Customers of many types of businesses are choosing daily, refreshing wellness power naps simply because in just 15-20 minutes, they feel good and restored, with clearer and sharper mental acuity.

Power Naps Are Short & Sweet

Sleep specialists agree that power naps should not be longer than 30 minutes. Experts believe the brain has clusters of neurons that keep us awake, and a different cluster of neurons that induces sleepiness. When the wake circuit neurons become fatigued after many hours of firing during the day, they begin to slow down. It is believed that 15-20-minute naps help refresh and restore the “power” of wake circuit neurons.

Experts warn that if naps are longer than 30 minutes, performance of wake circuit neurons can be temporarily reduced. A longer nap time induces “sleep inertia” and drowsiness caused by a more difficult awakening from sleep circuit neurons to wake circuit neurons.

Power Naps Calm & Refresh

Scientists suggest that power naps are similar to calming meditation, since they calm the wake circuit neurons to achieve the refreshing benefits of restorative sleep. A 15-20-minute power nap is believed to calm the alpha and theta brain waves, rather than the slower, deep-slumber delta brain waves which occur in deepest REM sleep.

One-Minute Power Nap Session = 4-5 Minutes of Sleep Restoration.

Wellness Nap PODs can efficiently help provide 4 to 5 minutes of refreshment in as little as one minute (i.e., a 15-minute power nap = 1+ hours of sleep).

The best Power Nap PODS are able to synchronize both time and nap sleep cycles to achieve optimum refreshment. They combine comfort with soothing relaxation modalities such as soft rhythmic vibration, nerve-calming massage, a warm body temperature, lavender aromatherapy and a quiet, private sanctuary to emulate the natural calm and wellness of the womb.

Be healthy, be fit, be well!

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