New Sauna Technology Now Available in U.S.

New Sauna Technology Now Available in U.S.
Recently, a new sauna technology, called Thermo Fusion Sauna (TFS), combining convection DH (Dry Heat Air) with IR (Infrared) in a powerful vortex, has become available in the U.S. The new TFS provides greater wellness results in a shorter session, which is great for users and salon operators.
Traditional Heated Saunas – Finnish Sauna (FS), DH and IR – have become popular in modern salons, spas and fitness centers by providing a wide range of wellness benefits which enable businesses to expand their services for a nominal investment.
The objective of these saunas is to raise the body’s core temperature – called Thermal Conditioning. The total sauna energy raises the core temperature, the body works and burns calories to maintain an acceptable core temperature. The body responds physiologically to thermal stress, acclimates, adapts and changes while becoming more physically conditioned. The wellness benefits of thermal conditioning include relaxation, stress relief, perspiration, cleansing, increased metabolism, circulation, calorie burn, weight management and associated weight loss, flexibility and more.

Whether Finnish, Dry Heat Air or Infrared, the type of heat is less important than the duration of heat exposure (time) plus the amount of heat (energy), equaling total sauna energy. Generally, more time and higher heat deliver greater thermal conditioning wellness benefits.

These three types of sauna technologies have been traditionally popularized. In a Finnish sauna, the user pours water over hot rocks which raises humidity levels up to 25%. However, higher humidity impedes the body’s dissipation of heat, humidity is more difficult to tolerate, and session times become shorter. In a DH sauna, the body is heated by either conduction (heated, still air) or conduction with convection (heated, moving air). The heat is immediate and tolerable without humidity, providing satisfying warmth and more thermal conditioning benefits. When the heated air is circulated by convection (blower fans), the moving heated air increases the energy for results in less time. IR saunas also are dry, and directly heat the body by radiation without heating the air inside the sauna cabinet. The IR heat energy is emitted in the form of “invisible” light, absorbed by the water in the body tissue and transmitted through the body by conduction. IR sauna is comfortable, but the sessions are longer since the heat raises core body temperature less than dry heat does, and the body doesn’t feel warmth in the first 10-15 minutes, leaving the user somewhat cold and unsatisfied until sufficient IR is absorbed.

A Thermo Fusion (TF) sauna combines both convection (moving) dry air and IR heat in a powerful vortex for “the best of both technologies.” The TF user does not breathe heated air, and the head and face are not subjected to heat – offering a more comfortable session. TF saunas have the most total sauna energy, which delivers greater thermal conditioning results in less time for maximum conditioning benefits.

"The new TFS provides greater wellness results in a shorter session, which is great for users and salon operators."

Wellness Sauna Services & Benefits
Sauna Thermal
Conditioning Objective:
Dry Heat Air Sauna IR Sauna Thermo Fusion Sauna
Weight Management ●●●
Weight Loss Goals Fitness Toning, Firming ●●
Relaxation, Stress Relief ●●
Improved Sleep ●●
Inch Loss (Reduced Waist) ●●
Increased Metabolism ●●
Improved Circulation ●●
 Increased Range of Motion& Flexibility  ●  ●  ●●
 Skin Cleansing  ●  ●  ●●
 Improved Appearance of Skin  ●  ● ●●
 Diminished Appetite  ●  ●  ●●
 Reduced Cellulite  ●  ●  ●●
 Feeling of Well Being  ●  ●  ●●
 Total Sauna Energy  ● – mid  ● – least  ● ● – most
Sauna Session Time ● – mid ● – longest  ● ● ● – shortest

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