Introducing Mindfulness A New Wellness Concept for Your Business

Introducing Mindfulness A New Wellness Concept for Your Business

Over the course of several decades, the idea of “mindfulness” has proliferated. Providing mindfulness services is an opportunity – with few competitors. According to Google’s Ngram Viewer, which records a statistical analysis of text, the term “mindfulness” has increased in usage by quantum leaps since 2010. In 2015 alone, the mindfulness and meditation industry reached nearly $1 billion, as stated in research done by IBISWorld. And today, there are nearly 1,000 mindfulness apps available!

So, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is described as “focusing one’s attention inward and being aware of the present moment without judgment.” With a heightened state of awareness, you are better able to experience and acknowledge your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. Mindfulness has been practiced throughout the history of time, and is found in practices such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, and most commonly, meditation.

Mindfulness and meditation originally began as a holistic wellness method. But, with mindfulness now being incorporated into businesses across the country, it is more commonly being used as a tool to help people improve their work performance and overall happiness. People are seeking out mindfulness and meditation more than ever for help managing daily stressors, and to reap the mental and physical rewards of being happy.

Incorporating mindfulness and meditation sessions into your business is an easy way to add new and high-demand mindfulness services. Personally, we incorporate mindfulness into each hyperthermic sauna pod session we take. Because hyperthermic conditioning and sauna forces you to stop and relax, you are better able to be consciously aware of your actions, live in the moment and be mindful. Inspirational messages, positive imagery and soothing music are helpful guides and reminders to be thoughtful in the moment and mindfully aware of oneself to experience their relaxation sauna and wellness pod sessions to their fullest extent.

Recently, in an article titled Train Your Brain for Happiness, the famous Mayo Clinic described mindfulness as the “focused mode” for your brain (Sparks, 2016). The Mayo teaches that by “repeatedly switching your brain to [a] focused mode and firing positive neural connections will eventually become your new ‘normal’.” Essentially, by forming a healthy lifestyle habit through conscious repetition of thoughts of gratefulness and compassion, and combining relaxing hyperthermic pod conditioning and meditation, you are training your brain to become more mindful, focused, and ultimately, happy.

Practicing mindfulness also has a variety of mental and physical health benefits that have been studied by various organizations. According to the American Psychological Association, mindfulness has been shown to decrease stress, negativity and rumination. Mindfulness has also been shown to increase happiness, focus, memory, cognitive flexibility, relationship satisfaction, immune function, and more (Davis, et al., 2012). With proven claims like these, it’s easy to understand why the wellness industry is already approaching nearly $4 TRILLION in annual revenue and mindfulness is becoming a billion-dollar segment. Today, a breakthrough “tipping point” has been toppled, and a growing number of people are interested in the concept that mindfulness can help “train their brain for happiness” and better wellness.

When you sell mindfulness as a service, you are also bundling the enhanced benefits of relaxation, stress management, productivity, happiness, immune boosting and a variety of wellness and health-enhancement results. What will be unique to your customers is how you incorporate mindfulness into your business. Fortunately, being in the wellness industry already makes tapping into the billion-dollar mindfulness market that much easier. Start from within and create the daily habit of focused mindfulness for a happier brain – and let your focused mind guide you to see opportunity better now, win new success, and greater happiness for everyone.

Better wellness – better life!



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