General Wellness Benefits of Heat-Enhancing Creams

General Wellness Benefits of Heat-Enhancing Creams
The wellness benefits of exposure to infrared heat are numerous – a quick Google search will confirm this. And, as a company that specializes in systems that produce heat for therapeutic purposes, we are always curious about new ways to enhance wellness benefits. This is where heat-enhancing creams come in.

Gaining more traction in the market, heat-enhancing creams were created to accelerate the time it takes to heat the body via exercise or in our case, infrared sauna use. This acceleration lets the body enjoy the wellness benefits that heat has to offer more quickly and efficiently than ever before. But what do heat-enhancing creams actually do?

HEAT Accelerates Warm-Up Time

When exercising, the basic purpose of a warm-up routine is simple: to increase the temperature of the muscles so that they contract and relax better, thus preventing injury. Warm-ups also help increase blood flow, making oxygen more available to the muscles to create less stress on the heart and muscles. Still, they are often rushed into action, leaving them ineffective at their main purpose – to warm the body.

Heat-enhancing creams have been proven to cut-down on the amount of time it takes to warm-up the body before a workout. For our clients, we suggest applying a heat-enhancer before infrared wellness POD or wellness sauna use, before each workout, and always after finishing with a POD session or sauna to experience faster and longer wellness results.

HEAT Increases Circulation

Through sauna and infrared POD use, we have found that heating the body increases the heart rate which increases the circulation of blood throughout the body. Heat enhancing creams utilize the same technology by trapping the heat of the body more effectively to increase heart rate and improve circulation.
Increased circulation has a myriad of wellness benefits that can contribute to a long and healthy life. Benefits include promotion of weight management goals, mental acuity, flexibility, temporary relief from chronic pain, improved organ function, reduced overall blood pressure, healthy looking skin, and can even help persons afflicted with diabetes who suffer from poor blood circulation.

Helps Prevent Injuries

When the body is properly heated, it is less likely to incur acute injuries like a hamstring strain since the muscles are able to contract more quickly. Warm muscles also produce better blood flow and oxygen which help with increased physical endurance.

For us, combining a wellness POD or sauna session with a heat-enhancing cream is an ideal way to start the day. Even if we aren’t following our session with exercise, we find that it increases our energy throughout the day by renewing our strength.

Keeps You Smelling Fresh

One of the biggest questions we get from customers about our wellness PODS and saunas is, “what if a shower isn’t readily available to me where I use the sauna?” Using a sweat- enhancing cream is a wonderful way to temporarily remedy this solution. We love to tell them, it’s simple; just wipe yourself down with a towel and shower later, when you can!
Sweat-enhancing creams keep sauna-users from smelling like sweat. They are made to be wiped away and since most creams contain a fresh scent, it will leave your body smelling fresh for the remainder of the day.

Overall, adding the option of a heat-enhancing cream to your wellness service packages can provide a larger list of benefits for your salon guests. Who wouldn’t want to experience faster results and increased wellness benefits?

Overall, adding the option of a heat-enhancing cream to your wellness service packages can provide a larger list of benefits for your salon guests.

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