Detox the Mind: The Complete Body Detox

Detox the Mind: The Complete Body Detox

Being in the wellness industry, the word “detox” has most likely crossed your radar. When we think of detox, we typically think of something for the body. Detox cleanses can consist of anything from extreme diets to sweating out toxins in a sauna. But, what about the most complex organ in our body: the brain? Shouldn’t we be doing a mind detox, too?

Mind detox is a fairly new term, but the concept and practice have been exercised for centuries. Similarly, it is also known as mind cleanse, mind detox for mental clarity, psychoanalysis, and so on. The idea itself is simple: to detox the mind of negative memories that are detrimental to growth as a person. Similar to detoxifying the body of toxic impurities, a mind detox cleanses the mind of toxic thoughts.

Numerous books, psychologists, and counselors have formulated plans to help detoxify the mind, but they all seem to follow the same general rules. For starters, one must first gather their thoughts in a quiet place and this is where the wellness industry can easily be intertwined with a mind detox.

Experts believe that to truly detox the mind, negative thoughts must be focused and reflected upon. You must reflect on how a negative thought makes you feel using all five senses. Start digging into the psyche to find the source of one negative thought and actively focus on making that thought positive. Most importantly, accept these negative feelings and move on from them.

If you own a business in the wellness industry, you are most likely already offering some sort of detox service. And although you may be advertising your detox services as a full-body detox, detoxifying the mind is usually an afterthought. In fact, you have most likely seen mind detox services being offered – they just aren’t being advertised as the full benefit they are!

For instance, sensory deprivation has become a more popular service over the past several years. The purpose is to create a soundless (and sometimes lightless) environment in which a person can genuinely reflect on their thoughts without any external distraction. Float tanks and Wellness Pods are commonly used to provide this type of sensory deprivation.

Additionally, infrared saunas and Wellness Pods are commonly used in spas as a way to rid the body of toxins through sweat. But, rarely do we see them touted as a way to increase mental acuity through relaxed meditation. Imagine immersing your whole body in a wellness chamber and through relaxation, you are able to sort through your thoughts and give them proper reflection time.

Wellness Pods offer the added benefit of vibratory massage, so your body can relax better, giving your mind the ability to effectively focus on your thoughts.

In fact, these are exactly the types of services that can help people begin their journey to an honest, full-body detox. Just think, when we begin any journey to health, it begins with being in the right mindset to stay committed and be successful. Why not teach your salon guests to care for themselves not just physically, but mentally, as well. Think of mind detox as the perfect way to begin the detoxification process.

"Mind detox is a fairly new term, but the concept and practice have been exercised for centuries."

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