Epigenetics and Heat: The Key to Anti-Aging, Greater Longevity and Healthy Wellness?

Epigenetics and Heat: The Key to Anti-Aging, Greater Longevity and Healthy Wellness?

We’ve read stories about men and women who have lived to be over 100 years old, proving that it is possible … but, what is their secret?

(Psssst: New research has unlocked many secrets and shown that most centenarians have maintained a strong master gene called the FOXO3 gene that regulates a healthy immune system. A strong FOXO3 gene increases your chances by 270% to healthily live to be 100 years old. Now, you can also learn these unlocked secrets to look younger, enjoy greater longevity and increase your healthy wellspan).

No more "80% genes": Until recently, physicians and scientists believed that longevity was primarily determined 80% by genetics - our inherited DNA "blueprint" determined at birth.


Today, its 75% epigenetics and 25% genes: New studies have upended the 80% rule, and have demonstrated that human longevity, retained beauty and healthy aging are about 25% genetic factors, and 75% is due to “epigenetic” factors such as lifestyle, exercise, eating habits and a healthy immune system.

“Epi” means “in addition to,” and epigenetics is the science of what causes longevity and healthy aging beyond

our genetics.

On and Off Genes: Each one of us has more than 20,000 genes, many of which can be turned on or off. Scientists are busy studying the factors and secrets of how our genes are read by our cells, turned on and off, and how they produce proteins.

Life circumstances can cause genes to be decreased and silenced or increased and expressed. In other words, genes are heavily influenced by our lifestyles, and can be turned off (becoming dormant) or turned on (becoming or staying active).

The turning on or off of our genes is what makes us unique, determines our health wellness, age appearance and healthy longevity: What you eat, exercise, exposure to toxins, your sleep patterns and how you handle stress all cause biochemical responses that turn your genes “on” or “off” quickly or over time.

It’s common sense that if you are abusive to your body, you will contribute to turning off your genes early, and if you strive for healthy wellness, you will help yourself look younger, improve and nurture your health and the active life of important wellness longevity biomarker genes. We need a healthy immune system (helped by Heat Shock Proteins and the FOXO3 gene) to fight acquired diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s that cause key genes to be switched off from the normal/healthy state to an unhealthy state.

Another common misconception about longevity is the belief that if a parent or grandparent lived to be over 90 years old, we should also expect to attain that ripe old age because “longevity is in the genes.” Regretfully, that is not true.

Significant research has shown that an unhealthy lifestyle can shorten and far outweigh our genetic blueprint in determining how long we will live. For example, both physical exercise and heat exposure (“hyperthermic conditioning”) have been shown to positively nourish the DNA genome and increase endurance, cardiovascular fitness, muscle glycogen use, and red blood cell count.

Increase your body temperature by exercise or heat exposure and help optimize your wellness: Increased core body temperature has been shown to increase healthy net protein synthesis through the greater induction of positive heat shock proteins (HSPs for cellular health), growth hormone (HGH for muscle), improved insulin sensitivity, strengthened FOXO3 gene (stronger immune system) and greater BDNF protein output (for brain neuron health, cognition and memory).

Longevity and wellness studies have shown that repeated exposure to heat treatments that increase the core body temperature can increase lifespan by up to 15% and/or reduce incidence of dementia up to 66%.

Increased core body temperature, by physical exercise and/or hyperthermic conditioning, is believed to be a key trigger signal for the stimulation of the metabolism to significantly increase outputs and storage of healthy wellness biochemistry markers for anti-aging, greater wellness and healthy longevity.

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