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The Rejuvapod has 33 integrated wellness technologies that synchronize and automatically deliver twenty-two (22) pre-set programs. These features include dual heat system with a vortex-fusion of convection dry heated air (up to 190°F ) plus independent radiant infrared heat. Wellness is enhanced by the healthy combination of dual vibratory whole body, back and leg massage together with soothing leg & feet compression massage; relaxing back heat system, comfortable ergonomic bed and head cushions; relaxing natural essential aroma diffusion and pure Himalayan salt air throughout the POD, along with integrated music speakers, and cooling facial air fans that keep the face and neck cool for maximized thermal session times. A stand-alone enriched-air purified oxygen concentrator enriches and freshens the face air, essential oils and/or salt air can be combined with oxygenized with refreshing humidity for enhanced wellness optimization.


  • Healthy Fitness & Wellness Activity for a Better Life
  • Improved Energy and Endurance 
  • Assists Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • Improve Mental Activity, Focus and Concentration
  • Stress Management and Relaxation
  • Refreshing Power Naps and Better Sleep Management
  • Increased Strength, Body Firming and Toning 
  • Enhance Flexibility
  • Soothing Hot Massage
  • Refreshing Purified Himalayan Salt
  • Invigorating Aroma and Enriched Humidity

Capsule Size: 3' tall 3' wide x 7.5' long
Weight: 265 lbs / 120 kg
Height: (closed) 39" / 99 cm
Height: (open) 89" / 226 cm
Length: 89" / 226 cm
Width: 35" / 89 cm
Power requirements: 220 V 50/60 Hz
Amperage: Dedicated 15 Amp service required

  • Fitness
  • Relaxation
  • Warm Massage 
  • Natural Cleansing
  • Meditation
  • Energy
  • High Heat
  • Beauty Care and more...
  • 33 Integrated Wellness Technologies
  • Dual Emission Dry Heat Convection + Radiant Infrared
  • Whole Body Surround 360 Over & Under Chromo-light
  • Facial 180 Surround Array Ambient Chromo-light
  • 22 Preset Wellness Programs
  • 8" LCD Touch Screen Panel
  • Heated Infrared Ergonomic Vibration Massage Bed 
  • Illuminated Himalayam Salt Tile

Rejuvapod’s Advanced Fitness & Wellness Technologies

Rejuvapod software enables the user to customize & adjust the cabinet temperature to any desired level, ranging from ambient room temperature up to 192°F (90°C). The warmed air flows downward to the body from a pattern of hood ports while fans draw the warm air currents equally across the body in an even-flow that creates the desired temperature level and helps increase core (body) temperature. As the body responds to the warm chamber environment, the relaxing release of body heat triggers the increase of wellness and fitness cleansing perspiration.

Radiant Infrared (IR) Heat

Users can use the triple (far, mid & near IR) infrared fitness & wellness heat system separately or together with dry heat air for healthy whole body passive thermal exercise (PTE aka Hyperthermic Conditioning) . Users enjoy infrared heating while radiant infrared heats the body without heating the air inside the body chamber. When the infrared heat system is used without the dry heat air system, the air inside the cabin remains relatively cool and users can receive passive thermal fitness benefits without heating the air itself. The Rejuvapod dual heat system with radiant infrared is unique for a superior wellness experience. The dual combination of a dry heat air convection system and a radiant infrared heat conduction system is a unique and patented Rejuvapod wellness feature.

Cushioned Ergonomic Bed with Soothing Dual Vibration & Compression Massage

Dual vibration transducers located under the cushioned ergonomic bed can be controlled and adjusted to achieve soothing and invigorating back and leg massage or customized massage vibration. The massage intensity settings can be adjusted from low, mild, strong, intense to maximum vibration. Users can select their own personal vibratory massage levels for stress management, relaxation, soothing aching muscles, sleep management or refreshing power naps.


Himalayan Salt Tile


POD users can experience similar enjoyment of traditional natural mineral-salt caves found in Europe and salt rooms which have recently emerged across the United States. A (6” x 6”) tile of Himalayan pure ionic crystal salt is mounted near the air intake fan to provide refreshing salt air. Salt air has long been practiced as a traditional wellness experience and the Rejuvapod becomes the user’s very own salt cave.

Control Screens

ALF IR WeightManagement copy

Rejuvapod is self-automated and features a colorful, easy-touch 8-inch LCD touch-screen control system with state-of-the-art electronics. The large display and “smart software” provide twenty-one (22) wellness programs for easy use and session entertainment. The colorful display has a high-pixel definition LCD screen providing a bright display. The LCD presents sharp images and superior visibility to make the user experience enjoyable and engaging. Every wellness program has settings that permit touch-control change and customized personalization — or the user can simply lay back, relax and enjoy their favorite program.

Soothing Aromas


The Rejuvapod system has 4 separate aroma diffusers which enables users to choose essential oil scents for heightened blended aromas of vigor, health, relaxation, or cleansing aromatherapy for greater enjoyment and enhanced wellness protocols. Scented air flows over the body and fills the air in the body chamber. The user’s olfactory senses will enjoy the enhancement of ambience and mood sessions. The sensory experiences of aromatherapy include relaxation and total well-being.

Ambient Multicolor Chromolight System


Rejuvapod ™ has colorful chromolight module stations strategically placed throughout the body chamber & facial area as well as in the Himalayan salt tile system, exterior handles and designer pedestal of the Rejuvapod. Each light station has non-thermal multicolor and near infrared chromolights. The ambient multi-colors can be combined and blended to achieve a virtual palette of colorful hues. The independent Body and Face multicolor stations can be auto-programmed, synchronized in tandem or separately controlled to simultaneously provide different colors to the body chamber or the facial area. The Rejuvapod translucent windows are pebble-embossed and refract the ambient multi-color stations like a prism to sparkle, excite & enhance the mood and ambience of every session.

Facial Array

RJP Side LUMI8 Facial Array SMB

Rejuvapod’s Facial Array has mood enhancing ambient multi-color chromolights and cooling air face fans for you to meditate or enjoy a relaxing facial. The Enriched Air OxyOasis System can enhance all your sessions. The Rejuvapod includes turbo body & face fans and air intake ports with the standalone OxyOasis™ concentrator. You can fill the body chamber with enriched-O2 air that will refresh the user’s face while cooled by the face fans. The enriched-O2 air can also be enhanced with humidity, salt air and/or aromas. A facial sprayer system is also included for facial services enhanced by the enriched-O2 air while the user experiences whole body wellness sessions.

Reco Pro Leg & Foot Massager

Recopro Compression

Rejuvapod sessions can be enhanced with the adjustable compression leg and foot massager RECOPRO Compression Massage System, which is perfect for use in the rejuvapod dry heated fitness & wellness pod. The standalone self-automated RecoPro has four (4) pre-set programs (10 - 15 - 20 - 30 minutes) sessions. Perfect for fitness recovery, relaxation, well-being & wellness massage enhancement.


Rejuvapod's 21 Pre-Set Wellness Programs

Rejuvapod wide range of fitness and wellness programs provide an exciting menu of services. The possibilities are endless and will help you incorporate the Rejuvapod along with fitness sessions and protocols, relaxation, stress reduction & mindfulness sessions, together with cosmetics, nutritional products and combination protocols to improve every person’s wellness lifestyle. Rejuvapod wellness programs have pre-set parameters for easy one-touch operation or you can change the software settings to create your own special customized sessions.

  • iDec Program Icons_ energy


    High heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Vigorous aromatherapy, Red/Yellow ambience facial & body lights.

  • Relaxation


    Low heat & intensity whole body massage, Relaxation aromatherapy, Low cooling face fan, Blue/Green/Yellow ambience facial & body lights.

  • iDec Program Icons_weight management

    High Thermal

    Max heat & high intensity back massage and low intensity lower body massage with heated bed, Vigorous aromatherapy, Intense cooling face fan, Red/Blue/Yellow ambience facial & body lights.

  • Relief


    High heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Relaxation aromatherapy, Medium cooling face fan, multi-color ambience facial & body lights.

  • Custom

    Beauty Care

    Medium heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Cleansing aromatherapy, Moderate cooling face fan, Blue/Green ambience facial & body lights.

  • Cleanse

    Natural Cleansing

    High heat & intensity whole body vibration massage for greater perspiration & sweating with heated bed, Cleansing Aromatherapy, Medium cooling face fan, Green/Yellow ambience facial & body lights.

  • Recovery

    Celiminate Rejuve

    High heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Cleansing aromatherapy, Medium cooling face fan, Red/Yellow ambience facial & body lights

  • Weight Management

    Weight Management

    High heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Cleansing aromatherapy, Intense cooling face fan, Red/Yellow/Orange ambience facial and body lights.

  • Wellness


    Medium heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Health aromatherapy, Moderate cooling face fan, Red/Blue/Green ambience facial & body lights.

  • Fitness


    High heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Cleansing aromatherapy, Medium cooling facial fan, Red / Blue / Green / Yellow ambience facial & body lights.

  • Sleep


    Low heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Relaxation aromatherapy, Moderate facial fan, Green ambience facial & body lights.

  • Massage Vibration

    Pre/Post Massage

    Medium heat & intensity whole body massage with heated bed, Cleansing aromatherapy, moderate cool-ing facial fan, Red/Blue ambience facial & body lights.

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