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The Ultimate Premium Weight Management, Wellness Exercise & Fitness Sauna Pod Solution for Resorts & Hotels, Spas, Tanning Salons, Fitness Centers, Home Gyms, Integrated Wellness Centers, Weight Management Centers and more!

A luxurious, full body, powered massage system ergonomically situated within a personal pod with a wellness exercise system & adjustable thermal dual heat sauna.  You customize and perfectly personalize the features to create a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind and body – Enter the ultimate healthy lifestyle system for overall holistic fitness, mind-body wellness improvement & weight management: the Cocoon Fitness POD.

  • Patented dual heat system – radiant heat & dry heat
  • Adjustable dry heated air & radiant heat inside the capsule
  • Synchronized vibration transducers for soothing & invigorating back or leg massage – ideal for hot massage
  • Cooling facial air system
  •  Pure Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt with aroma system and select essential oils to heighten the experience
  • Ergonomic bed with an optional jade mat for soothing relaxation
  • Colorful mood lights
  • Easy access hand ports for convenient controls during a session
  • Natural germicidal shell design that resists stains and polishes to a beautiful glossy finish
  • State-of-the-art touch screen with preset wellness programs
  • Adjustable temperature (up to 192℉), session time, duration, & massage intensity
  • Internationally renowned and award-winning ergonomic design

The scope of wellness is changing, expanding beyond the four walls of fitness centers and yoga studios. Be the first to treat yourself, your friends or your clients to a one-stop shop for a new healthy lifestyle and natural improved wellness. The Cocoon Fitness POD can take you back in time to benefit from time-honored natural and holistic healthy wellness methods. Lay down inside the Cocoon Fitness POD and experience a range of programs including fitness, relaxation, and weight management programs. The Cocoon Fitness POD features programs of wellness technologies made with combinations of sophisticated components like dry heat, vibration massage, aromatherapy, salt air and jade stones.

The Cocoon Fitness POD is a self-automated system that uses a small amount of floor space, requires no complex installation, plumbing or configuration. All that is needed is an electrical outlet to experience ultimate wellness. Users lie down in the bed, adjust the features, and enjoy private wellness sessions that last from 15 to 60 minutes.  The Cocoon Fitness POD requires almost no labor or maintenance to operate and meets the huge need for ease and comfort for those seek a healthier lifestyle, weight management, improved fitness and advanced wellness solutions. Experience the limitless rewards of mindfulness, enhanced fitness, and well-being.

  • Natural wellness system for everyone that encourages & inspires a healthy lifestyle
  • Maintain weight management and/or assist with weight loss goals
  • Personalized simple & easy active-exercise system
  • Enhances exercise sweating & healthy perspiration
  • Assists in firming, toning, and improving physical fitness
  • Relaxation & stress management
  • Improved mental acuity
  • Promotes healthy sleep management choices

The self-automated Cocoon Fitness POD features a state-of the art color touch screen. The user friendly Cocoon software includes preset Cocoon programs:

  • Weight Management
  • Active-Exercise
  • Relax
  • Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Power Nap


At your choice, for more simple applications, we offer 3 basic software programs:

  • Low Heat
  • Medium Heat
  • High Heat

Users can also select custom programs or create their own customized setting to complement personal training or for pre and post fitness workouts sessions. All programs can be modified to personalize and change:

  • Session time
  • Duration
  • Session Temperature (Heat)
  • Exercise Levels
  • & Massage Intensity

The Cocoon Fitness Pod features a patented, built-in exercise fitness system. Exercise bands are easily changed to provide low to high resistance for all fitness levels. The Integrated FitBed optimizes weight management goals and helps increase calorie burn for improved fitness results.

The color touch screen provides workouts for users to choose from. The system combines choices of thermal heat levels from ambient to high heat and exercise intensity from beginner to elite athlete, and enables increased natural workout levels for greater calorie burn. The adjustable & personalized pod features allows users to use the FitBed exercise system to complement or help them achieve their personal fitness goals faster.

The setup and installation for the Cocoon POD is simple. The Cocoon Fitness POD offers the advantages of small floor space, providing intimacy and privacy. It does not require any particular installation, plumbing, or specific configuration. Just a simple electrical outlet and you can immediately offer a wide range of automated wellness services.

Technical Specifications Cocoon Fitness POD
Water Supply No Plumbing Required
Weight 265 lbs
Height (Closed) 40″
Height (Open) 84″
Height (Pedestal) 10″
Length 90″
Width 35.5″
Power Requirements 110 V, 50-60 Hz
Amperage dedicated 20 Amp

Cocoon Deluxe Fitness Pod


Medical Disclaimer: Wellness USA Inc. makes no claims as to the specific benefits of its Cocoon Sauna POD use for individual users. The Cocoon Sauna POD is not a medical device, it makes no medical claims, has no medical purpose and performs no medical treatments. The Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod is a personal wellness and fitness infrared sauna pod system. Cocoon Sauna POD has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not for any medical purpose whatsoever. 


Take everything that’s good about a sauna and the POD does it better . . . It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced!


One Agora Integrative Health

All of our customers love the POD! Tanners or not, younger or older, we see all kinds of customers from 20 to 75 years old using the POD.


Tan Your Hide

The addition of the POD has increased our business remarkably, and it has has allowed for added value to all our clients. Additionally, the inclusion of the POD has created an all new avenue of growth, longevity, and prosperity. Regular sessions in the POD are highly recommended, used, and loved by clients and staff alike.


Classic Tan
General Manager

Since incorporating the Cocoon POD into our salons, we have seen continuous growth with this service. It was a great addition to our mix of equipment and our clients love their results! Now that the cooler months are upon us we anticipate even greater successes.


Hot Spot Tanning
General Manager

The POD helped us sign up more members in both locations and it helped us keep loyal customers because of our expanded choice of services. We offer an unlimited use package with a 6-month contract and see members come several times a week to enjoy a 20 minute session.


Aruba Sun & Spa
General Manager

My two PODs run simultaneously several hours every day bringing me traffic and repeated customers- that’s why I love the POD and I couldn’t be happier to have bought two!


Body Concepts

We opened to members right away and we’ve had many who have used it 3 times a week. Everyone loves it. As business owners of the POD, we are very happy with the results and revenues.


CryoSpa Mind & Wellness

We love the POD around here. Our customers love how relaxing it is and they always sign up for more sessions. The POD definitely helps bring customers back!


Energy Spa, Salon & Tanning

We try to provide cutting edge technologies and the POD is definitely a “wow factor” to people who would not otherwise sign up for our spa packages.


Glo Sun Spa

I bought the POD because offering massage is tricky- we depend on the massage therapists and there is a big turnover. I needed something sturdy and reliable to offer in my spa packages. Our customers and employees rave about the relaxing feeling and are amazed by the relief they get from soothing of aches and tired muscles.


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