The Benefits of Adding Integrated Guided Imagery to Your Business

The Benefits of Adding Integrated Guided Imagery to Your Business

Known as “Guided Imagery,” the viewing of beautiful and positive images can improve wellness by calming, enhancing relaxation and stimulating positive, “feel good” emotions. However, contrary to popular belief, Guided Imagery (GI) can be more than just positive and calming images; it can be greatly enhanced by synchronizing sounds and GI with the physicality of wellness sessions to create a full-user experience utilizing all of the body’s senses.

When GI is combined with body fitness and mind wellness sessions, it’s called “Integrated Guided Imagery” (IGI); the relaxing, soothing and positive images are carefully matched, integrated and delivered at the same time that the user receives or performs exercise, meditation, hyperthermic conditioning, vibratory massage, aromatherapy or calming music – and the combined experience of visualizing IGI with these wellness modalities helps enhance the wellness experience, stimulation and relaxation of all the senses, whole body and mind, in a single session.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the term, you’ve most likely experienced IGI in one form or another. For instance, wellness apps like “Calm” guide the user through self-meditation sessions and stories with scenic backgrounds. The popularity of this concept has become so huge that there are literally thousands of wellness apps emulating this practice.

During a hyperthermic wellness session, we recommend integrating GI wellness apps to offer a true wellness experience that involves both body and mind. The mind/sensory reward aspect is achieved by augmenting the physical wellness treatment with sensory apps available on the market today. All a business needs to offer this to customers is a cell phone loaded with free (or paid) apps! A “Wellness IGI Enhancement” phone can be provided to the customer for free or a small rental fee ($2-$5) during any wellness session. Some apps we recommend for both android and IOS phones include:

Calm – Helps the user meditate, sleep and relax to improve overall mood.

Pzizz = Get to sleep quicker and de-stress faster! Great for a quick power nap during the day.

Relax Melodies – A large collection of sounds that you can layer to make your own meditation soundtrack.

Lose Weight by Surf City Apps – Change your mindset and learn to enjoy healthy food and exercise after listening daily for 1-3 weeks!

Relax with Andrew Johnson – A guided meditation and hypnosis app to alleviate daily stress.

Sleep Well – Learn to reduce anxious thoughts and change your mindset with peaceful music and relaxing nature sounds.

Omvana – Hundreds of world-class meditation tracks for focus, sleep, peace, enlightenment, and more.

Guided Imagery has taken more advanced forms lately with the integration of virtual reality. Now, more than ever, it has become easier to “guide” the mind into relaxation. Imagine offering IGI and “augmented reality” as part of your customer’s wellness session. Eventually, this is what the wellness industry should achieve for their customers. Soon enough, we will be immersing our salon guests in physical wellness with a virtual mind-wellness experience for a grander total body-and-mind wellness session.

We predict that we will be offering “whole body and mind integrated wellness immersion” sessions in the near future, as technologies advance even further. It’s not only important to be on top of new technology, but to be aware and ahead of it, as well. We are constantly striving to find new and better ways to experience and enjoy wellness services. Our end goal: offering an “AVATAR-esque,” hyperthermic session that enhances everyone’s enjoyable health span.


"We predict that we will be offering “whole body and mind integrated wellness immersion” sessions in the near future."

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